Trauma can effect any person at any time. When our lives or the lives of the people we love are put at risk we go through a variety of emotional, physical and mental processes. It can leave us feeling as if we are unable to cope with the most simple tasks. However, we can gain a feeling of control over our lives by working through these traumatic incidents.

On Scene Counselling

Jalex Counselling provides post and on the scene trauma debriefing and counselling. As volunteers for the local Community Police Forums, the counsellors are able to respond to scenes where there there has been a traumatic incident. This includes incidents such as workplace disasters (including deaths) and shop robberies. Also included is household robbery, accidents, sexual assault and personal attacks.

Proper counselling is extremely important after a difficult event and it prevents the possibility of developing PTSD.

Pre and Post Natal Trauma Counselling

Jalex also offers counselling in the field of births and related incidents. Traumatic births and the effect it has on a mother and father can be often overlooked. We provide in-hospital counselling and debriefing for this.

A miscarriage and a stillbirth is a recognized trauma and is a painful experience for the people involved. Receiving counselling for this is a large part of the healing process.

In case of an emergency, please contact Jalex Counselling on 010 100 3222.