Jalex has put together a trauma training workshop on the basic counselling skills needed for trauma debriefing. This course is ideal for CPF members, first responders, HR managers, lay counsellors, volunteers, police reservists and educators. It will also suit any member of the community who would like to learn the skills needed to care for other people in emotional need.

How will this Trauma Training Workshop help you?

Trauma can affect any person, at any time. There is a growing need for members in our communities to learn some basic techniques on how to help individuals who have experienced a trauma. Trauma counsellors are often referred to as “emotional paramedics”. They are as important as the health care professionals themselves. In order to properly deal with a trauma and the aftermath, the victim needs prompt and efficient debriefing.

Is this an accredited trauma training workshop?

This short course is recognised at the ASCHP and CCSA. Upon completion, one would submit the certificate and referral letter to be recognised for external CPD points. This course does not award NQF level credits.

This particular training workshop requires no psychological background or training. The workshop is dynamic and interactive. It covers a variety of topics related to trauma. It will give the attendees all the necessary theory and how to apply it practically using step by step trauma debriefing methods.

Jalex now presents this workshop via long distance training. The cost of the workshop is R400. Contact us at workshops@jalex.co.za for more information.

1) Fill in our online application form here. Be sure to include a physical address where someone is available during working hours to receive your book pack!
2) Make your payment of R450 via our fast and secure payment gateway via card or instant EFT.

Your book pack and learning material will be on its’ way to you within 7 working days.

Trauma Training Workshop