Marriage counselling is a decision made between you and your partner to find a third party to help resolve your conflicts and create healthy means of communicating.

Blended Families Part 1 – The Couple

Having a blended family is often a difficult and complicated journey that is high in conflict situations. However, it is becoming a more common occurrence. A blended family happens when two people marry and one or both of them have children from a previous relationship or marriage. The family will need to form a unit; however,

Suicide – Let’s Talk About It

Part 1 Suicide is a topic that is taboo and not spoken about in most families and communities. There is a fear that by speaking about it we are inviting it into our lives. However, suicide is very prominent in the average South African’s life. In South Africa there are about 22 completed suicides every

The Truth About Happiness – Embrace Your Sadness And Suffering

  A great talk by psychologist Jordan Peterson on sadness, suffering and our expectation that happiness is the only thing that we need to be successful people. There is no shame in sadness or seeking help.

Understanding Marriage Counselling

Couples go through many ups and downs. We face difficulties in our lives that challenge us personally and challenge our relationships. We have different personalities, different needs and desires. Whether you have been in a relationship for 5 months or 5 years, you have likely found yourself at a crossroads, looking at your partner and

Why is my husband such an asshole?

Why is my husband such an asshole? This has been asked many times, by many women, across the world. If you will forgive my language for a moment, I will try my best to explain to you why the significant other in your life drives you mad. And just a heads up, the ladies might not

Q&A – Anxiety.

Anonymous: I'm not sure if I need counselling, but am struggling with anxiety and feel like I need to fix it? Response from Zoe Wilson: Thank you for getting in touch with me. Experiencing a lot of anxious feelings is very difficult because it can effect our life in so many ways. A small amount

The realities of birth trauma

Bringing a child into this world is a miracle. It is often a beautiful and joy filled occasion where parents gaze upon their newborn for the first time, overwhelmed with love and happiness. Many women find themselves saying the day they bought their child into the world was one of the happiest days of their