Jalex counselling has constructed a long distance course on Stress Management. This course is ideal for counsellors and other health professionals who would like to learn more about the causes of stress, the signs and symptoms of stress, the different ways people react to it as well as how to manage stress and useful tips and techniques for helping clients manage and improve their stress levels.

How will this stress management workshop help you?

This workshop is perfect for counsellors and other professionals who deal with those who may be negatively impacted by stress in their day to day life. This workshop looks at the following aspects of stress:

  1. The concept of stress
  2. Physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms of stress
  3. Different ways people react to stress
  4. Stress in the workplace
  5. Stress in the home or personal life
  6. Techniques to manage stress
  7. Counselling techniques related to stress management

Included with the learning material are 11 handouts, which you can use in your practice or in the counselling scenario. These handouts include the various symptoms list, stress management, a stress diary, stress management plan as well as information on a plan on establishing personal boundaries.

As well as being useful for the counselling scenario, this workshop is ideal for those who would like sufficient content to develop a stress related Employee Wellness Plan or Employee Assistance Programme. Counsellors who also work in corporate settings will benefit from completing this workshop as it will give them the skills and content needed to develop a programme or presentation to use in business or organizations.

Is this an accredited workshop?

This course is non credit bearing and does not lead to NQF level credits.

This workshop is based long distance, and all material is emailed to you. The participant can work through the material in their own time, and submit the assignment via email when ready. After completion, the participant will receive a certificate of completion via email. You can use this certificate to apply for external CPD points at the ASCHP or CCSA.

The cost of this workshop is R220.

To sign up, follow these easy steps.

1. Fill out the application form here

2. Pay here


3. Receive your learning material straight to your email within 24 hours!

For more information, please contact us at workshops@jalex.co.za