Jalex Counselling has created a wonderful relationship counselling course for health professionals who would like to learn more about counselling those in marriages and relationships. This course has a variety of handouts and follows a simple 5 step process to counselling.

How Will This Relationship Counselling Course Help You?

This short course has a variety of information and resources to help you as a counsellor when it comes to working with relationships. The course looks at the theory of relationships, conflict and communication, giving and receiving love and also how to help your clients manage their relationship once the counselling has come to an end. This course has been aligned to holistic and wellness counselling, and encourages solution focused counselling by utilising a unique 5 step process that can be completed within 8-10 sessions. The course looks at the following topics:

  1. Relationship theory (why we form relationships, different types of relationships)
  2. Conflict (conflict management styles)
  3. Communication (verbal and non verbal communication)
  4. Cultural differences across relationships
  5. Ethical considerations and self management as a relationship counsellor
  6. A 5 step process to relationship counselling, where you as the counsellor learn the practical skills needed to provide counselling to those in relationships in a safe and effective way
  7. Relationship exercises
  8. Case studies

This course also has a variety of handouts that you can use in your practice with clients. They are provided in the form of exercises as part of the 5 step process, as well as information for clients to take home and read through, which include

  1. Exercises for in counselling and at home, that boost communication and resolve conflict
  2. How to collaborate
  3. Re-romanticisation
  4. Couple’s dialogue

Is This An Accredited Workshop?

This course is non credit bearing and does not lead to NQF level credits. This workshop forms part of the very important informal learning sector for South African counsellors.

This workshop is based long distance, and all material is emailed to you. The participant can work through the material in their own time, and submit the assignment via email when ready. After completion, the participant will receive a certificate of completion via email. You can use this certificate to apply for 5 external CPD points at the ASCHP or CCSA.

How do I apply?

The cost of this course is R450

To sign up for this course, follow these three easy steps:

1.Fill in your details here

2. Pay online here


3. Receive your log in details to our online portal to access your learning material within 24 hours!