Childbirth and pregnancy is a life changing event that is often misunderstood. Becoming a parent is a massive adjustment and can have many ups and downs.  The after effects of pregnancy and childbirth can be particularly difficult on women. Many women do not seek help for feelings of sadness and loneliness after having a baby. Counselling will look at what these feelings are and how to deal with them emotionally, mentally and physically.

Jalex aims to provides a safe place for mothers and fathers to express their hopes and dreams as well as fears and concerns regarding the special job of raising a child. However the road to parenthood is not always easy. Jalex provides fertility counselling for couples going through a difficult and often lonely journey.

Women’s Health

In life we often have to make extremely difficult choices. Jalex provides a safe and non-judgemental environment for women and men as they work through the feelings associated with terminating a pregnancy. Whatever the reasons, pre and post abortion counselling is extremely important when faced with this difficult decision. The Jalex counsellors have an extensive referral database to help women get the medical care and support that they need.

Furthermore, the Jalex team provides HIV/Aids counselling and support when testing for STD’s. There is a lot of fear and shame related to this topic. Every person has the right to feel supported and not judged through this difficult time.