Marriage and Relationship counselling is one of the most important decisions you can make during difficult times. We often need an empathic ear to talk about personal or relationship problems. It also allows us to vent about feelings and concerns we harbour. Sometimes marriages and relationships need a neutral figure to help couples recognize the problems in their relationship. The counsellors at Jalex provide non judgemental and supportive counselling for those in marriages and intimate relationships.

What will we do?

At Jalex we understand that a practical approach towards marriage and relationship counselling is the best way to foster deeper communication, solve conflict and reconnect romantically.
We have developed a 5 session solution whereby we look at your relationship in depth and together come up with solutions to overcoming any relationship difficulties you may have.

1.Information and Planning.

In this session the counsellor will examine your relationship and will look at your needs and wants individually and as a couple. This will allow for the development of relationship goals and what will be addressed in the upcoming sessions.

2. Conflict and Love.

This counselling session will involve looking at current conflict and communication styles. It will also looks at ways in which you feel respected and ways in which your partner wants to be respected. The aim of this session is to begin learning better methods of communication.

3. Couple’s Dialogue.

This session will focus entirely on building and improving communication. It will involve real examples and is a practical solution to enable better communication between partners.

4. Commitment.

This is a problem solving session whereby each partner looks at ways in which they can help the other, and be helped themselves to achieve a greater happiness and satisfaction in the relationship. Things such as household chores, hobbies, children, friends, family members, alone time and together time are looked at.

5. Re-romanticisation.

The final session of the your marriage counselling journey focuses on putting the romance back in the relationship. Together the couple will look at topics such as date night, sex, love and intimacy and what they can both do to improve on this. We end with another overview of Couple’s Dialogue to ensure that yourself and your partner end the counselling process with the tools needed to enrich and continuously develop your loving relationship.


Premarital Counselling

Marriage and Relationship Counselling is also useful for couples who would like to talk through feelings before tying the knot. Understanding your partner’s needs (and your own) when it comes to affection, sex, future goals, family and intimacy is crucial before saying the I do’s. Premarital Counselling is about enriching your current relationship and planning for the future.

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