Jalex Counselling

Counselling is one of the most incredible journeys that any person can take. Although it may seem complicated and scary at first, it will have rewarding results. Difficulties can arise at any time and it is so important to reach out for help when you need it. All of the counsellors at Jalex firmly believe that every person has within them the strength to overcome life’s challenges. However, sometimes we need support and guidance to see us through these difficulties when all else seems hopeless. Our counsellors are passionate about people and passionate about encouraging them to reach their incredible potential.

Whatever the problem or difficulties, here at Jalex Counselling Centurion we aim to give you empathic guidance and support to find your inner strength to overcome the challenges you are facing.

Jalex offers the following counselling services:

Marriage and relationship  ▸

Personal counselling  ▸

Trauma  ▸

Pregnancy and Childbirth  ▸

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