Jalex Counselling has created a ethical counselling course specifically for counsellors who would like to learn more about the ethical and legal aspects of counselling.

How Will This Ethical Counselling Course Help You?

This short course is loaded with helpful information to help you as a counsellor embark on your counselling journey while remaining ethically and legally secure. In this course you will focus on the following topics:

  1. Ethical practice in the counselling context
  2. The importance of supervision
  3. Ethics, legality and scope of practice for HPCSA, ASCHP and CCSA counsellors in South Africa.
  4. Applying ethical practice to own scope of practice.
  5. General best practices for all counsellors

This course is ideal for counsellors who want to know their own scope of practice and how to operate professionally and legally in the South African context. When signing up to this course, you will also receive templates to use in your own practice, which include:

  1. Informed consent template
  2. Referral letter template
  3. Client intake details template
  4. Disclaimer for non medical aid accepting clients.

Is This An Accredited Workshop?

This course is non credit bearing and does not lead to NQF level credits. This workshop forms part of the very important informal learning sector for South African counsellors.

This workshop is based long distance, and all material is emailed to you. The participant can work through the material in their own time, and submit the assignment via email when ready. After completion, the participant will receive a certificate of completion via email. You can use this certificate to apply for external CPD points at the ASCHP or CCSA.

The cost of this course is R220.

To sign up for this course, follow these three easy steps:

1.Fill in your details here

2. Pay online here


3. Receive all learning material directly to your inbox within 24 hours!