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Covid19 Lockdown in South Africa – Ways to Stay Safe, Sane and Manage Your Time

As South Africa enters the first day of lockdown in order to combat the spread of coronavirus, we are all faced with the reality of diving into scary and uncertain times. Not only are we faced with the fear of this pandemic infecting ourselves or our loved ones, we now have to deal with isolation

Blended Families Part 1 – The Couple

Having a blended family is often a difficult and complicated journey that is high in conflict situations. However, it is becoming a more common occurrence. A blended family happens when two people marry and one or both of them have children from a previous relationship or marriage. The family will need to form a unit; however,

School Anxiety For Young Children

Starting school or returning to school in the New Year can be an overwhelming experience for a young child, causing what is known as school anxiety. There are so many changes, expectations and new stimulations that a young mind can easier become so full that it feels like it will burst! This experience is a

Self-Care: Mindfulness

‘Mindfulness’ has become a buzz word and is often connected with self-care advice. But what exactly is mindfulness, how do you do it and why is it healthy? Anyone anywhere can practise mindfulness as a lifestyle choice – similar to going to gym. We go to gym because we know exercise helps keep the body healthy

Suicide – Let’s Talk About It

Part 1 Suicide is a topic that is taboo and not spoken about in most families and communities. There is a fear that by speaking about it we are inviting it into our lives. However, suicide is very prominent in the average South African’s life. In South Africa there are about 22 completed suicides every

Surviving The Festive Season

The festive season is drawing near! The weather is starting to warm up, the remaining months on the calendar are few and the shops are overcrowding their shelves with gifts and Christmas decorations which, might I add, seem to be arriving earlier and earlier each year! With this comes the relief of the rapidly approaching

Retirement – A Complex Process

It is an inevitable fact that each of us will face retirement one day. What most of us do not realise is that retirement is a process that cannot only be thought of when we reach retirement age. In South Africa we have no legal retirement age; however many companies look at 65 years as

Embracing your body size – Ashley Graham TED talk

Love yourself, focus on embracing your body size. Admire your unique abilities and embrace your femininity.