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Jalex Counselling was started by realising that there is an increasing need for people to find someone they can trust and rely on to see them through the challenges in life. Faced with struggles on a daily basis, we may feel out of control, burned out or hurting in our relationships and lives.

However, here is where the importance of being able to talk with someone you trust comes in. Under the correct guidance and support, all people are able to empower themselves to make the right decisions. Through personal reflection and simply being able to talk through it all, we are able to point our lives in the direction we choose.


What Does Jalex Counselling Offer?

Please click the following links for a description of each type of counselling you may be looking for.

Each process is tailor made to suit you. The counsellors at Jalex use different techniques to

meet the needs of each individual person.

Jalex Training


Jalex Marriage relationship


Jalex Personal counselling


Jalex Trauma Councelling


Jalex Pre natal Councelling


Each process is tailor made to suit you. The counsellors at Jalex use different techniques to meet the needs of each individual person. The Jalex counsellors use a person-centred approach. This means that you, as the client, are in charge of the process from the start. You have the strength within you to overcome the difficulties you are facing. Talking with a counsellor is the first helping hand in this journey. It gives you a supportive environment to talk through your feelings and come up with the best possible solutions for your personal life, as well as for your relationships.

Jalex is based in Lakeview Building near Centurion mall and is easily accessible from Pretoria and Midrand via the N1 and N14 highway.

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