Jalex Counselling Centurion was started by realizing that there is an increasing need for people to find someone they can trust and rely on to see them through the challenges that life throws at us. Faced with struggles on a daily basis, we may feel out of control, burned out or hurting in our relationships and lives.

However here is where the importance of counselling comes in. Under the correct guidance and support, all people are able to empower themselves to make the right decisions and point their lives in the direction they choose. Jalex Counselling uses a person-centred approach, which means that you, as the client, have the strength within you to overcome the difficulties you are facing, and counselling is a helping hand in this journey.

Jalex offers the following services in a private practice in Centurion:

Marriage and Relationship Counseling with specialization in
– The Imago Approach to relationship counselling
– Transactional Analysis

Personal Counseling and Life Coaching by using
– Projective tests for adults and children
– Emotional Analytical Therapy
– Behavioural readjustment for stress, anxiety and anger

Pre and Post Natal Counseling on
-Women’s Health Counselling
– Sex therapy and education

Trauma Counseling with specialization in
– Trauma Incident Reduction
– Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Children’s Counseling with
-Play Therapy
-Projective Tests

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